Rated 16+ | Contains characters that are LGBTQA+ | Updates once every week or every second week 

Genres: Historical, romance, LGBT+, fantasy & supernatural.


The fates are weaving their yarn, destiny is already decided.
And there's nothing Theodore can do about it.

But when he meets Oliver everything takes a step to the left into uncertainty. 

Together they discover the forgotten past and the unwritten future!
And, of course, love.



Swedish  |  They/Them  |  Nonbinary  |  Taurus  |  30 years


Mera is the pseudonym that the creator goes by. They're an enthusiast of history, mythology and storytelling. And in particular interested in the victorian era (hence this whole comic) and the ancient past.

They live under a rock where they drink coffee and eat tuna sandwiches. No, they don't know what's going on outside and at this point; too much time has passed and they're afraid to ask.

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Q: How many chapters/arcs will In blood we rise be?
A: Not sure! It's an epic though. So you're in for a long ride. 

Q: Is this comic all-ages?
A: No, I wouldn't recommend children reading this. Teenagers though, sure!

Q: How long does each page take?
A: Very different. Slow updates are a combination of hectic irl-life plus it being a more complicated page. But anywhere between three days to a week-ish. I'm unfortunately not the most consistent on which day of the week. I aim for once a week and I always publish a page when it's done. I love my story, so it's not going to die anytime soon. :)

Q: Do you have merch?
A: Not yet! But I would very much like to eventually. If you have and suggestions of what you would like, send it as an ask to my TUMBLR.

Q: Is there a way to contact you?
A: On TUMBLR is best! :) I am suspicious of instagram DMs and twitter doesn't notify me. :( I would say this goes for business stuff as well. From there I could give you my email if I'm interested.

Q: Do you have a Discord server?
A: Yes! Pleae join! [LINK] I always post when I update in there! :) It's very low-key and friendly community. Mainly adults though.