There are quite many characters in this comic, so here's an archive of who they are and important information about them!
These boxes will be updated as the story goes along and more things are revealed. So drop in now and then to see if there's anything new on your favourite character! :)

Theodore Ashdown

Theodore is a witch, the youngest of his siblings, and the heir of the Ashdown family. He is an impulsive young man and sometimes his emotions bring him wherever their currents carry him. Which more often than not is straight into trouble - but on occasion also into some new friends!

Theodore has a secret passion for sewing and tailoring. He will edit his own clothes and will even have little projects where he makes a garment all from scratch - for himself or someone else. He is equally proud of his skill as he is embarrassed.

Occupation: Witch.

Fylgja/Familiar: [unknown.]

Oliver Dust

Oliver is a peculiar, artist and local good (but sad) lad. He is down to earth and willing to give anyone a chance - sometimes, all someone needs is a good friend. Except for sprits! He wishes they would stop pestering him.
Despite being an optimist about the world and everything in it, he's far from having a healthy confidence in himself.

He likes jam and puts it on anything. Anything.

Occupation: Works in a funeral home.

Fylgja/Familiar: [unknown.]

Peculiar type: Erebus, Vamp ire.

The Ashdown family, a witch family as old as the myths of England. They are of the gentry class and got a big hand in the business of witchcraft; with stores all over the UK. Their reputation is shrouded in trickery and dark history. A necessary evil for those who need to curse or spell an enemy, or get rid of said curse or spell.
The Ashdown family are also known for their hunting practices, but now when England has changed their laws regarding peculiars, they must hush down the hunting within the borders. But there's always a way for the rich and powerful.

Emma Ashdown

Mother and matriarch of the Ashdown family. She is married to Emil. She rules her family with an iron fist clad in a delicate satin glove. Her only mission in life is to secure a future for her family, that their legacy is upheld and that their name grows more and more powerful with each generation.

Occupation: Witch.

Fylgja/Familiar: King Cobra.

Emil (Ashdown)

The father of the Ashdown family, husband to Emma, and patriarch of a big witch-family clan in Sweden.
He is a quiet man with a fondness of iron and wood-work.

His home country is Sweden and he is blind on his right eye; after the incident during Theodore's first initiation ritual. He also can no longer see spirits and has since many years back stopped hunting and is committed to doing the deskwork bit of the business.

Occupation: Hunter & witch.

Fylgja/Familiar: Moose.

Jessica Ashdown (Mrs. Allaway) 

Jessica is Theodore's second to oldest sister. She is also the younger twin of Jane. She is married to Lord Logan Allaway, with whom she has an infant son; Bothan!

Hoping to avoid any further fighting between everyone, Jessica does the most damage-management in the family to keep peace. Not only for her siblings but for her husband and his side of the family union as well.

She just wants everyone to get along, to whatever cost that is.

Occupation: Witch.

Fylgja/Familiar: Rattle snake.

Jenny Ashdown

Jenny is the troublesome middle child of the family. For a witch with a venomless snake for a fylgja, she sure does spit a lot of it. A typical bratty upper class girl who craves what she doesn't have and is blind to what she already got.

Occupation: Witch.

Fylgja/Familiar: Common grass snake.

Jane Ashdown

The oldest daughter of the Ashdown siblings and thus carries the burden of the family curse: To turn into a pig as life goes by outside without her.

Occupation: Witch.

Fylgja/Familiar: Barn owl.

Isabelle Ashdown

Isabelle is Theodore's bastard daughter. As her mother was a peculiar, as is Isabelle. She is hidden away with the only other Ashdown member whom cannot be seen by the public; her aunt Jane

Fylgja/Familiar: [unknown.]

Caspar Nasgrind

Caspar is the honorary family member of Emil's side of the family. He is not related by blood, but is Emil's best friend and confidant. Caspar works for Emil's family's hunter business in Sweden. When Caspar is not on a mission, he is Emil's personal valet, that is, before Emil moved to England with his family.

Occupation: Hunter & Valet.

Fylgja/Familiar: [unknown.]

The Allaway family, an elite Scottish family with a bloodline that goes back for many, many, centuries. 

Logan & Bothan Allaway

Logan is Jessica's husband and the patriarch of the Allaway family.

He believes that rules exist for a reason; not just the law itself, but also moral and social ones. Going by the book helps Logan make decisions, regardless of them being informed ones or not. What is right is right, wrong is wrong - Logan relies on Jessica to give him insight on the nuances of the grey-areas of life.

Logan loves animals and collects taxidermy art pieces.

Bothan is the long wanted (and only child) of Logan and Jessica. He is an infant on the cusp of toddlerhood. He enjoys standing up and waddling about to the best of his abilities - Bothan also loves to bonk things with other things.

Occupation: No occupation other than inheritance and the things attached to it.

Logan's Fylgja/Familiar: Taiga bean goose.
Bothan's Fylgja/Familiar: [unknown.]

Sally Allaway

The youngest sibling of the Allaway sibling trio. She is (was) engaged with Theodore through an arrangement. It is unknown if she's happy about this or not.

Occupation: No occupation, a lady.

Fylgja/Familiar: [unknown.]

William Kafe Allaway

The middle child of the Allaway sibling trio. He and Theodore used to be close friends but fell out of touch.

Occupation: Lawyer and lordship inheritance.
Fylgja/Familiar: [unknown.]

The Dust family, a family of doctors, teachers and scientists! 

Dr. Rufus Dust

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Mary Dust


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Gods and spirits are all around us. Some are very interested in who you are and what will come of you. Some are nice, some are unkind - And some doesn't really care about you, but are entertained enough to stare with some snacks in hand.

The Fates|The Moirai|The Norns

The past present & future is, partially always, in the present and watching over the mortals (even you!) They know what have been, what is and what will be. They squabble and interject with their opinions on how things should or could be. Sometimes they might even suggest something! If you are attentive.. that is..