CH. 4 - 14
Posted August 5, 2023 at 1:00 am


For those of you interested in the symbolism in the page and some history fun:

The Ankou is wearing a marigold flower in his hat, wielding a scythe and an unlit torch.. 

ANKOU: An Ankou (english spelling, there is a welsh spelling too) is a grim reaper sort of figure. There is said to be in Ankou for every "region" (presumably city. I go by city). So the Ankou you see here is the Ankou of London. You can spy the sigil of London on his upside-down torch hanging from his hip.

TORCH & SCYTHE: An upside down torch is a symbol of "snuffed light", death or the end of something. Which I thought would be fitting for an Ankou. :)
Scythes are pretty explanatory, I think. But in-case you want a reason anyway: The scythe is a symbol of harvest, the reason a grim reaper are often depicted wielding one is because they are "harvesting" a person's life.

MARGOLD: In the Victorian Era, in floriography, the marigold was synonymous with grief, despair and mourning. To the Victorians, the marigold was a remembrance flower. 
Flowers were part of popular entertainment: A parlour game played in middle-class households involved blindfolding a party guest who had to pick a flower from a vase. Party guests would “read” the blossom, which they believed shed light on the person's future love or personality. It was therefore considered an ominous omen if the guest picked a marigold.

The Marigold was also mentioned by Shakespeare six times. In two of the six references, Shakespeare uses the flower as a metaphor for death and an ornament for graves.