CH. 4 - 38
Posted June 15, 2024 at 2:16 pm

I am so sorry for the long wait. |||oTL|||

I have really been struggling with a burnout, and IBWR has been demanding a lot of emotional energy to get through. Having the willpower and the creative energy, but not the energy to put it in where I need and want it to.

I love IBWR and love working on it, I think about it every day. However, it can be taxing to make something with your entire heart and soul poured into it. And I need breaks to be creative on less important things (like fanart) to recharge a bit.

Unfortunately, that means delayed updates. And due to the burnout it's taken longer than I intended, time sure just.. slips by really fast.

It's also a lot to be both artist, author, colourist, actor, cameraman, etcetera. It takes a lot more energy to produce than, say, a bit of fanart stuff.

But!! I finally got this page finished..! Hurray! :')